Jewellery CAD Design

We turn hand sketches, magazine pictures, company logos, or combinations of these into 3D digital models. Our talented jewellery CAD artists will work with you to perfect your design conceps.

Upload Design

Online CAD Design Portal

Here you can upload your PDF, sketch, photo or logo for a streamlined, efficient CAD design service. All correspondence regarding your design is stored in your secure account online so you can keep up-to-date with our progress at any time.

Design Reviews in 3D!

We now supply you with not only an array of 2D views of your designs but also a 3D model for you to closely inspect prior to giving approval. With a 3D model you can rotate the piece, zoom in and out giving you a piece of mind and the assurance we have 3D modelled your design correctly.

How our CAD Design Portal Works

This is the first system in Australia which offers a structured design management tool that is both easy to use and efficient. All correspondence is logged in an easy to navigate messaging interface in your secure online account. This is open 24/7 and is like having your very own CAD Designer in your computer! Below is a brief overview on the steps involved:

  1. Sign up or login to your online account here: Start your design
  2. Click start a new design and then upload your sketch or design specification using the upload button. Complete the form if some data is missing from the specification.
  3. Our 3D CAD Department will quote on your design with 24 hours. Typically all designs are quoted within 2 to 5 hours.
  4. You will receive your quote via email which will prompt you to log-in to your account.
  5. Here you can click to accept or message the designer for more information. Once happy click the ‘Accept’ button and away we go.
  6. You will receive an email when the design review is ready for viewing (typically 1 to 3 days). Add comments or make slight adjustments.
  7. We also include a 3D Design Review for you to rotate and zoom in on your model!
  8. Once you are happy, click the ‘Approve’ button and your model is then passed on internally and placed in the printing and casting queue.
  9. Simple! All completed designs are stored in your secure gallery online.

CAD Pricing Guide

Service Cost Leadtime
3D CAD Drawing From $50, depending on complexity. Same-day quotation for uploaded specifications. Typical CAD turnaround 3 days.
Design Modification From $30, depending on changes. Same-day quotation for uploaded specifications. Typical CAD turnaround 3 days.

Design Template

Download our design template so you have a better idea on what information is required for us to start drawing your design. Jewellery Specification Template

Design Confidentiality

We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and all your data is stored on our secure servers. This data is encrypted and password protected. For extra peace of mind, we have our standard NDA available here: Non Disclosure Agreement

Ring Sizes

We use the Australian British scheme when designing and drawing your rings. We added size Z+ to represent the missing step between the standard and Z1, where as A- is a halfsize smaller than A. Toggle the buttons below to show more sizes in the table, select a row to highlight and use your keyboard up or down keys.

Australian BritishNorth AmericaInner DiameterInner Circumference

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your online design portal work?

Simply upload your sketch, image, design spec into our design uploader to receive a 3D CAD design quote. Once you are happy to proceed we will draw your design in 3D and upload design reviews into your account for you to view online. Our design reviews are in 3D which makes it easier for you to view your design!! Once you are happy with the design we will go to print. Simple!

What items can you draw under ‘Custom’ design category?

Try us! We can draw just about anything! In the past we have drawn Eagles, Lions, people etc. If we cannot draw it then we will let you know.

Will I own my CAD model once you have drawn it?

Yes. Once full payment has been received we can release this to you in a variety of file formats. Alternatively the design will be stored in your secure gallery online.

My design needs some adjustments, will I be charged for this?

We understand that going from a 2D sketch on paper to a 3D CAD model can highlight some visual elements that you did not see or think about in the sketch stage. If an adjustment is required to the 3D model we will do this for you free of charge as long as the modification is small and in line with the original spec. Slight teaks are all part of making your design beautiful and we account for this in the design fee. If the change is significant then we will let you know and supply an updated quotation.